22 year old mess, studying film and visual culture in antwerp, also film in brussels. my life is all about the moving pictures. also i love musical and i adore the theater.

other interests include boys, soup, marion cotillard & ice cream

Dolan’s Mommy just killed me. Fuck.

Finally. #Mommy

today: Mommy

i can’t believe rachel berry won masterchef.

the day after the masterclass is the day i MIGHT be interviewing anne dorval so that’s like perfect timing it’s like meant to be i have to go there i need to breathe but i’m like all yesch i need this i want this this is perfect so i’m like hell yeah i also just watched a video of leslie knope doing impressions so that’s also something that is currently going on there’s a lot of things going on in my life atm wow

currently freaking out cause my bae xavier dolan is coming to paris to give a masterclass and if i manage to get tickets i sure as hell i’m going there it’s the a+ excuse for a paris trip n’est-ce pas? aaaaaaaaaaah

  • Guy: What do girls do at sleepovers?
  • Me: Pass the Bechdel test.

watch the entire series of Breaking Bad for a second time: check.

@ wicked uk: we’ve been postponing our decision of what show to go to on monday the 27th of october for three weeks now. in case an awesome elphaba decides to fly high. your move.