21 year old mess, studying film and visual culture in antwerp, also film in brussels. my life is all about the moving pictures. also i love musical and i adore the theater.

other interests include boys, soup, marion cotillard & ice cream

Best Wishes to Emma as she makes her Elphaba debut tonight!

lot’s of lupita-love on my dashboard. lot’s of perfection.


i need an elphaba that does the eden-riff in “feeling things i never felt” and the tucker-riff in “i’d be so happy i could melt”, thank you

haaaa. thanks to christine dwyer, my wish has now been fulfilled!

whenever you feel down or slightly depressed, remember that we still have the finding dory movie in view

ugh i wanna go to the new parc zoologique de paris

yeah. try blacklisting tags. and let me know when you’ve seen the actual episode.

after killing off joffrey last week i never thought they’d go off right away killing jamie as well. wow.

posing while jeroen is making a sims-character of me