22 year old mess, studying film and visual culture in antwerp, also film in brussels. my life is all about the moving pictures. also i love musical and i adore the theater.

other interests include boys, soup, marion cotillard & ice cream

i don’t want to hate on kerry, but i would give ANYTHING to see willemijn perform instead of kerry ellis this saturday. from what i hear in bootlegs, she still sounds extremely lifeless and is lacking a lot of energy. she cuts off almost all of her notes and her voice sounds tired and strained.

her current portrayal is absolutely ridiculous in comparison to the perfection that willemijn gave, from what i’ve seen and heard, literally every fucking performance.

still silently hoping for willemijn to pull a red tracksuit menzel during the saturday evening cast change performance of wicked

already scheduled: book of mormon, billy elliot, wicked, matilda, probably once & the harry potter studio tour.

LEAVING FOR LONDON IN THREE DAYS. it’s time for some must-sees and some more make-sure-to-go-theres. note that it’s not the first time we’ll visit that beautiful city of dreams, so we’re looking for some hardcore insider tips, way beyond the ‘make sure to visit covent garden’-range. gimme! and thanks!

kerry ellis’ take on let it go is a whole new level of over the top

i love it when we all go hysterical over a tumblr fail. it’s like a family sunday dinner. everybody is complaining but we’re actually happy about it.

My hair is too long, but I’m suffering from severe hairdressers-anxiety.